Order of Saint George Regatta

1–4 June 2019


Order of Saint George Regatta

Sailing regatta for all knights and dames of the Order of St. George - European Order of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen.

You are kindly invited to the 2nd St. Georg’s Regatta in June 2019, which will take place on the route MURTER – ZLARIN – VODICE – AMADRIA – MURTER. We are certain that you would like to sail with your friends, and that together we can withstand the blue, the smell and the taste of the sea, and wind in the sails, as well as the social networking and fun. We will be happy to welcome each and every crewmember. Until then we wish you all the best and sending you nice greetings!

Your Regatta Organization Committee.


The entrants of the competing crews are the Commanderies with their skippers. Each Commandery can enter one or more crews. The crew can consist of members from different Commanderies; in this case they must decide which will be the running Commandery, i.e. whose flag they would compete under.

Entry fee

The entry fee per sailing yacht is 3.150 € (minimum 6 crew members). Each additional crewmember fee for up to 8 crewmembers is 525 € (additional cost of ticketing system cca. 3 %). The entry fee covers:

  • The sailing yacht rental,
  • 3 dinners,
  • 3 breakfasts,
  • entertainment,
  • 3 organized berths in marinas,
  • 2 car-parking places per sailing yacht,
  • other expenses of the sailing competition,
  • regatta organization.

The sailing yacht fuel, arrival expenses, other food and drinks, tourist tax 1 EUR/person/day, transaction fees are not included in the entry fee.

The Skipper

The skipper should be a knight or dame of the St. George order. The skipper of each sailing yacht is responsible for:

  • Registering its crew at the organizer on on info@stgeorgeregatta.com,
  • organizing the entry fee payment for registered crew members,
  • skipper liability insurance – the insurance policy should be presented to the regatta organizer at least two (2) weeks prior regatta start on info@stgeorgeregatta.com.

Registration and payment timeline

  • Skipper and sailing yacht registration: 21.02.2019,
  • Crew registration: 05.04.2019,
  • Entry fee payment: 20.04.2019,
  • Skipper liability insurance policy submission to regatta organizer on info@stgeorgeregatta.com: 15.05.2019.

Entry fee payment instructions

Payment instructions will be forwarded to each skipper and crewmember by mail after closed registration.


Sailing yachts

For our regatta the following type of sailing yacht rental is available:

  • 8 equal sailing yachts Bavaria 46, 4 cabins that can accommodate 8 crewmembers.
  • When applying to regatta “first-come, first-served” system will be applied.

The Bavaria sailing yacht rental includes:

  • Sailing yacht rental from 1st of June 2019 from 14:00 hrs (17:00 hrs latest) to 4th of June 2019 until 12:00 hrs,
  • Transit log + 2x parking,
  • End Cleaning.

Security deposit

The security deposit is not included in the price. It should be put down at the takeover of the sailing yacht. The security deposit cost is 2.000 € payable with major credit cards and refunded in case of no damage on the sailing yacht. Instead of total security deposit cost, the security deposit (sailing yacht) can be insured. Insurance costs are 165 € for insurance policy + 180 € security deposit (which is refunded in case of no damage on the sailing yacht).

Regatta rules

The regatta is regulated by the ISAF rules 2017/2020, the regatta advertisement, and the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (the regulations for coastal waterways competitions). The regatta will be raced on 8 monotype sailing yachts Bavaria 46, racing on other sailing yacht types is not approved.

Commentary notes

The organiser is entitled to change the course of the competition. The organiser does not take any responsibility for any damage on the vessels, injuries of people or any other damage or injury at sea or on the land for the time before, during or after the regatta. All persons participate at their own risk. Quartermaster is fully responsible for the boat and the crew for the time of the event (sailing).

sailing yachts Bavaria 46
cabins per yacht
regatta days
regatta nights


Order of Saint George Regatta

Regatta Map

Saturday, 1 June 2019

12.00 arrival to the Marina Hramina, Murter
14.00-17.00 check-in (taking over) the vessels and training-sailing to the island of Zlarin
19.00 mooring (berth of sailboats) in Zlarin
20.00 dinner in Konoba Aldura
21.00 regatta opening ceremony with presentations of crewmembers (live music)

Sunday, 2 June 2019

08.00-09.00 breakfast in konoba Aldura
09.00 skipper's meeting
10.30 start of the 1st regatta, – swimming and lunch on boat –
14.00 start of the 2nd regatta to ACI Marina Vodice
17.00 arrival to ACI Marina Vodice
19.00 bus transfer to dinner location “house of Proschutto Roca” (live music)
20.00 dinner and awards of the 1st day winners
23.00 bus transfer back to the Marina Vodice

Monday, 3 June 2019

08.00-09.00breakfast in marina ACI Vodice
09.00 skipper's meeting
10.30 start of the 3rd regatta, – swimming and lunch on boat –
14.00 start of the 4th regatta to Amadria park resort
17.00 arrival to Amadria park resort
20.00 dinner in Etno village art food
22.00 awards ceremony and “winner night celebration”

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

08.00-9.00 breakfast in hotel Ivan
09.00 departure to the Marina Hramina, Murter
11.00 refuelling
12.00 check-out of sailing yachts and departure

The organiser is entitled to make changes to the competition route and schedule.

Ravni Žakan
Kuća pršuta Roca
Kuća pršuta Roca
Konoba Liberty, Kaprije


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